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EPA research shows that even in the smoggiest cities, the air that is inside most modern homes is usually over ten times more polluted than the air outside.Indoor Air QualityWhy is this you may ask? There are numerous reasons, some of which were discovered recently. They include invisible assassins like CO2 and radon, also gas emitting chemicals like formaldehyde often used in making household cleaners, carpeting, furniture, drapery and building materials. Other common airborne pollutants such as pollen, dust and dust mites, viruses and damp areas where standing water can breed mold, mildew and other microbes. Most of this problem is connected with the way modern homes are constructed–for purposes of energy efficiency, and to be as air tight as possible. The result is that stale air, laced with odors, irritants, chemicals – even tiny insects – become trapped in modern homes, where it circulates over and over by the AC. This results in eye irritation, sneezing, runny nose, sore throats, sinus congestion, stuffiness, flu, colds, headaches, dizziness, outbreaks of allergies and asthma, and various other respiratory problems.Fresh Aire UV Light

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